Friday, 13 August 2010

Baby shoot!

I did it, I went and took baby portraits at the local children's center and LOVED IT!!!!
Here are some of the little cuties that I got!

I have put them into a slide show as I had 16 children's photos to take, and it would be a VERY LONG post otherwise!

The cute crochet and knitted hats were made by my good friend Kath, please check out her website her for more of her knitting! Going Loopy

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  1. They're all soooo cute, well done Helena. xxx

  2. What darling babies. They're just so so gorgeous. And beautifully photographed. Going to love this blog Helena xxx

  3. Well done you, these photo's are first class & the children looked so happy, Janet

  4. Oh my gosh, what GORgeous babies and you've captured them wonderfully. I love the feather nest! Now I need to get some more hats made I think - maybe some larger nes?

    I bet the parents were in tucks with these lovely photos, you must be very proud of them.



  5. Well done. What gorgeous pictures and what gorgeous wee ones. You have captured them beautifully. They look great in Kath's sweet little hats.ChrisB themessycraftroom