Friday, 23 July 2010

Build a Bear

Aimee has wanted a Build a Bear since seeing Make a Moose on Hannah Montana, Aimee was lucky enough to receive some money at Christmas, and bless her she was been waiting ever since!!! AND when we went on Friday they had an offer on two bears for £22.  Aime choose the blue bear cause it's her favourite colour and called it Lily, then with a little gentle pushing she choose the brown one (it's more traditional) and called her Rosie.

Next it was to choose a sound for the bears!  She gave Lily a cute giggle and gave Rosie 6 sayings, even though it's a boy's voice, Aimee says she will just say Rosie has a cold!

She picked two beating hearts (freaky) to place inside them!

 Now to fill up the bears!  Love the saying that they have "LOVE IS THE STUFF INSIDE"

Now to place the hearts inside!  Aimee played close attention to what the lady was telling her! She had to rub the hearts, place them next to her heart, blow kisses, make wishes, spin around, tell them she loved them!  and place them inside the bears!  This was so cool!!!

Now to give the bears a shampoo - the shower head blows blasts of air to fluff up the bears!

Then we had the fun time shopping for the bears!

Registering the bears and getting their birth certificates, Aimee was able to do all this by herself!

Finally getting the bears to bring home!

Aimee enjoyed the experience and treasures her bears all ready, they both have a special place on her bed!

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